What is rent-hub?

If you take a moment to explore the tour section of the website, you’ll see that rent-hub manages every aspect of your buy-to- let business. rent-hub is an unbiased solution that records each and every conversation and event during the life-cycle of the tenancy.

Whether landlord, tenant or agent, rent-hub provides complete security and peace of mind.

I’m an honest landlord why do I need rent-hub?

As every conversation and event during the tenancy is digitally signed and archived for future use, rent-hub isn’t very popular with dishonest landlords or tenants.

rent-hub is about protecting both sides from misunderstandings etc. However honest both sides are, occasionally things go wrong and when they do, being able to re-read the relevant conversations or supply the emails to the adjudication board can be invaluable.

I’m fed up with a constant flow of tenants; can rent-hub help stabilise my situation?

When anyone signs up to rent-hub they are asked to fill in a profile. These profiles help ensure better matched tenancies…whether you want a tenant for 10 years or just 6 months.

Who is rent-hub aimed at helping, the landlord or tenant?

rent-hub is aimed at providing all the tools required to run a successful, safe and proactive tenancy…whether landlord, tenant or agent. A successful tenancy is a partnership and it needs both sides to engage.

I’m a tenant, how will rent-hub protect me?

The fact your potential landlord is a rent-hub member shows they are happy to run the tenancy with an unparalleled level of transparency. rent-hub also stores every conversation and event throughout the tenancy…if something does go wrong the signed facts are there for all to see.

Do you charge extra for Inventories and Inspection Reports?

rent-hub doesn’t believe in ramping up costs through a range of add-on modules. You pay one, tax deductible cost and that’s it!

Is it correct that London Councils and social housing use rent-hub?

Obviously we can’t say too much, but yes rent-hub services both the private and social housing sectors.

Do you have an app?

We are in the process of building an app however it’s worth noting that rent-hub has been designed to be user friendly across traditional computers and mobile devices (down to iPad mini size).

I’m in the middle of a tenancy can I start using rent-hub?

Yes, just agree with your tenant that you are both happy to start using rent-hub. We would recommend making it the subject of your first in program conversation, that way the agreement will be digitally signed and date stamped.

I have a student property... does rent-hub work for me?

rent-hub is perfect for student lets. rent-hub allows you to engage with all tenants at once or individually thanks to our message thread system. The inventory also allows you to assign a different tenant to each room ensuring the tenant responsible for that particular area is the one that actually signs for that part of the inventory.

How secure is your site?

rent-hub runs an EV SSL license…which according to official information: EV SSL are the most hacker-proof certs in the industry thus are considered as the most trusted. For you to obtain EV, company's legal existence, operation history and physical existence must be confirmed. These kinds of certs are impossible to fake, that’s why they get “very high assurance” grade. Also they are the only type of certs that turn your browser's address bar green—commonly recognized as a “safe” color—to indicate secure connection, displaying your business name clearly to show that you’re a legitimate host company.

How secure is your payment gateway?

Our payment partner Stripe is used by many of the worlds biggest online companies and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification. Stripe also actively work to protect against fraud and monitor suspicious transactions. It’s also important to note that rent-hub never stores any of your financial information on our site or servers.